Please refer to the timeline below to guide you through the admissions process. Feel free to call or e-mail the school for more information or to set up a visit, tour and classroom observation.

Patty Herren
Director of Admissions 


1.  SCHEDULE A PARENT VISIT Please call to schedule the visit.   This is the best way we have found to see and experience the power of our Montessori Hale O Keiki community.  This visit is only for adults and consists of a 30-minute classroom observation, a campus tour and an opportunity for informal discussions about the school.

1.1. Wait Pool   For School Year 2014-2015  there is a wait pool for our  Pre-K & Kindergarten class.   When a classroom is at capacity, you can put your child in the wait pool. A parent classroom observation is still mandatory (Step 1). After completing the classroom observation, if you feel you would like to have your child placed in the wait pool,  complete an application for admissions (Step 2) and submit with application fee.  Only application & fee will be placed in the wait pool.   The Child Evaluation (Step 3) will not take place until a spot opens up.

2.  SUBMIT AN ADMISSIONS APPLICATION FORM.  Complete the application and return it to the Admissions office along with the application fee.

2.2. Submit the Required Forms: Please give the consent form to your child’s present school. They will mail the records directly to us:

  1. Student Health Records
  2. Report cards: previous year’s report plus most recent report card of the current school year.
  3. Current transcripts
  4. Teacher Reference reports

3.  SCHEDULE A CHILD VISIT  Please call to schedule the visit.  During this visit your Primary child will spend approximately twenty minutes  with our Montessori teacher. We require that this visit be without the parent.   Elementary & Middle school children should plan to spend a minimum of  half a day or more per the teacher’s request.  The teachers may request a second visit.

4.  THE REVIEW After all the above has been completed, a letter will be sent to you stating if your child has or has not been admitted into Montessori Hale O Keiki.

5.  ACCEPTANCE Upon acceptance, a welcome packet is mailed. If applicable apply for financial aid.   A non-refundable $300 registration fee and the Tuition Contract must then be submitted to secure each child’s place in the classroom.  The classroom teacher and/or the Head of School will set the date of enrollment after registration materials are completed and registration fees are paid.

6.  PARENT ORIENTATION Following enrollment, a parent orientation is scheduled  in late July to welcome new & returning families to the MHOK  community.

Admissions application and fee can be dropped of at MHOK office  at 100 Kulanihakoi Street or mailed to:

Montessori Hale O Keiki
P.O. Box 2348
Kihei, HI 96753
 We look forward to your call.