MHOK is the State of Hawaii’s Marine Science School of the Future.

Through the prestigious Hawaii Community Foundation School of the Future grant, MHOK is creating Marine Science curriculum Pre-K through Middle School.  The younger age groups created marine ecosystems in their classroom aquariums by collecting beach artifacts in conjunction with the school Naturalist.  The older age groups (4th – 8th grades) have more hands on experience in the ocean with snorkel and dive trips throughout the year.  In keeping with the Montessori philosophy of hands on experiential learning, often lessons happen in the environment.  Fish studies become more tangible when students are documenting species and behavior in the ocean.  Volcanic studies take on new dimensions when learning in person at the top of 10,000 foot tall Mt. Haleakala.

Kindergarten through 8th grade have PE, Music, Spanish Language &  Art.