Montessori Hale O Keiki offers curriculum which allows children to learn at their own speed and according to their own capacities in a non-competitive atmosphere. Montessori Hale O Keiki (MHOK) serves students Pre-K to 8 grade. Our goal is to empower the student to develop to his or her highest potential, to become a self-motivated learner, and to be a creative and critical thinker. All of these skills have been identified as necessary to become a productive citizen of the 21st century.

Primary Grades PR-K & Kindergarten The primary classroom (ages 3-6) objective is to cultivate the child’s own natural desire to learn.  This is accomplished two ways. First, by allowing each child to experience the excitement of learning by his or her own choice rather than by being forced; and second, by helping the child perfect his or her natural tools for learning, so that the child’s abilities will be maximized for future learning situations.  The Montessori materials have this dual, long-range purpose in addition to their immediate purpose of giving specific information to the child. Teachers present new lessons in math, language, science, history, and geography with concrete materials. PE, Music and Art are integrated into the core curriculum.  Students truly experience the “joy of learning” in the primary classroom.

Lower Elementary Grades 1-3 This classroom is an organized purposeful setting where students (ages 6-9) are encouraged to ask questions and then they are given the skills to find the answers.  The journey to finding the answer is joyful and learning becomes exciting while creating a sense of accomplishment.  Students are permitted to move from one academic area to another and work individually or in small groups.  Teachers present new lessons in math, language, science, history, and geography with concrete materials.  They work at their own pace and they learn accountability, independence and social graces. PE, Music and Art are integrated into the curriculum. The teacher uses the marine science curriculum to bring the ocean to the classroom and the classroom to the ocean.

IMG_5526Upper School Grades 4-6 Students at this level are becoming independent thinkers and they are ready to tackle more varied and rigorous academic work.  Teachers present new lessons in math, language, science, history, and geography with concrete materials and then move to abstract concepts when students are ready.  Students learn through hands-on experiments, project based work and creative presentations.  PE, Music and Art are integrated into the core curriculum so they do not learn anything in isolation.  Monthly snorkeling trips with the school’s naturalist permit the students to conduct scientific research in the real world.

Middle School Grades 7-8 The middle school program reflects an integration of the Montessori philosophy, the newest research on the developmental needs of early adolescents, the state of the art in current learning theory, the predictions of the skills needed for a productive life in the 21st century and the Hawaii requirements of essential elements.  The curriculum and instruction is designed as a two year program in which students earn 16 units of credits.  The language, speech, physical education, outdoor education, service learning, music and fine arts are courses of continuous progress.  The science, social studies, geography, health and math are studied by topics or concepts.  Students spend time both in the classroom and in “real-world” environments with our marine science focus.  Partnerships with local organizations allow our students to become dive certified and do monthly dives and field work that studies current and on-going scientific topics of interest.

12-13-2010 Snorkel 053Marine & Environmental Stewardship Program All Grades Pre K- 8 In 2009, Montessori Hale O Keiki became the state of Hawaii’s only Marine Science School of the Future and has been incorporating Marine Science into all classrooms ever since.  Supported by the coveted “Schools of the Future” grant from Hawaii Community Foundation and the Hawaii Association of Independent Schools, our Marine program is a public/private partnership that reflects a broad community investment in progressive education.  The program is transformative and instills both the values of cultural and environmental stewardship, with hands-on, student-centered research and critical skill development needed for success in 21st Century careers. MHOK has a naturalist on staff and a marine and environmental curriculum is integrated into all levels (preK-8).